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  • Air Fryer Convection Oven Air Fryer Infrared Convection Oven Halogen Oven Countertop 10L Cooker Glass Bowl Healthy Low Fat Cooking Great for French Fries & Chips, OEM ODM Factory CO-04MH

    Short Description:

    Standard Capacity: 7L

    Maximal Capacity: 10L

    Power: 1000W

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    VERSATILE USE: The air fryer toaster oven has the ability to defrost, broil, roast, bake, steam, grill, and BBQ. Perfect for chicken, steak, ribs, fish, shrimp and more. No need to preheat or defrost frozen meat for the best flavor and taste.

    HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE: The convection oven cooks with rapid heating and little oil, retaining the natural flavors and nutrients for making healthy diets easy to prepare and keep. It steams, it air fries, and it cooks smart so you can always eat healthy.

    AIR FRYING MADE EASY: Simply insert food into the hot air fryer, set the time and temperature and cook your ingredients efficiently and most importantly, healthily.

    BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL FRYING: The air fryer oven is safer than the outdated method of a deep fry pan and basket. Rapid air circulation makes this style of rack cooking optimal. Compared with the general electric oven on the market, the convection oven can save 85% of electric energy, heat penetration, heat convection, and heat circulation.

    PERFECTLY CRISPED: The oven air fryer cooks your food brown and crispy on the outside and keeps its moist on the inside without the excessive use of oils that contains too much fat. Perfect for making fries and chips.

    ◎ Compact 7L -10L cooking capacity.

    ◎ Compliance with the GS A-13 safety standard.

    ◎ Patented stirring system that fries 1kg low fat French fries.

    ◎ Easy to use mechanical timer and temperature setting dials.

    ◎ A complete all-in-one, versatile cooking unit to roast, grill, bake, barbeque, steam, broil, dehydrate, defrost, and air-fry.

    ◎ Transparent tempered glass lid and heat resistant glass bowl for food safety.

    ◎ Cooking temperature ranges from 65ºC to 230ºC (149ºF - 446ºF).

    ◎ Increase capacity by adding extender ring (optional).

    ◎ Turns off automatically once lid is lifted (Optional GS A-13 compiled rack).

    ◎ Container loading:

    1×20ft Container: 430 pcs

    1×40ft Container: 890 pcs

    1×40HQ Container: 1064

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