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  • Convection Oven Infrared Halogen Stainless Steel Extender Ring Convection Oven, 12-17L Dial Stirring Function glass bowl Air Fryer, Frying Pan

    Short Description:

    Standard Capacity: 7L

    Power: 1000W

    Weight: 6.2 KGS

    Material: Glass & Plastic

    Product Detail

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    Convection Technology: Halogen convection technology sears food to a crisp brown on the outside while maintaining juicy tenderness on the inside. Hot air circulates evenly, resulting in quick and thoroughly cooked gourmet meals.

    Stack Up for More: Includes tongs, 2 stainless steel cooking racks for up to 3 layers of cooking Grill on the high rack or roast/bake on the low rack.

    Easy Cooking Controls: With two dial controls, simply set the cooking time and temperature, or reference the cooking chart on the lid. Cook foods to perfection while monitoring progress at all times through the transparent glass bowl.

    String Function: Simple Operate: Machanical panel a, simple to use, string function, like a frying pan, 360° air convection technology makes food evenly heated, fast heat up and locking in nutrition, satisfies all your family’s needs

    ◎ Food evenly cooked.

    ◎ Patented stirring technique to bake 650g of low fat French fries with 2 table spoons of oil.

    ◎ A complete cooking unit operating as Fryer oven, Stirring fryer, convection oven, bread maker, pizza maker and grill.

    ◎ Transparent glass lid and bowl to observe cooking process.

    ◎ Removable dishwasher-safe teflon coated stirrer pan for easy cleaning.

    ◎ With energy saving halogen heat, infrared wave to achieve fast and healthy cooking.

    ◎ Increase capacity by adding included extender ring accessory. Patented technique and design (US,EUROPE and CHINA)

    ◎ Container loading:

    1×20ft Container: 430 pcs

    1×40ft Container: 890 pcs

    1×40HQ Container: 1064 pcs

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