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  • kitchenaid convection toaster oven Convection Countertop Toaster Oven – Healthy Kitchen Air Fryer Roaster Oven, Bake, Grill, Steam Broil, Roast & Air-Fry , Includes Metal Pan, Broil Rack and Toasting Rack, 120V CO-04MHY

    Short Description:

    Capacity: 11L

    Power: 1300W

    Color: White

    Weight: 7.36 KGS


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    BEST APPLIANCE FOR EASY ACCESS: Small enough to fit on your countertop or table top but large enough to create meals for the whole family.

    HEALTHY MEAL PREP: Healthy cooking made easy Temperature & time-setting adjustable Air fryer eliminates the need for extra oil Healthy options are limitless – Cook, Bake, Grill, Steam Broil, Roast & Air-Fry.

    FASTER MEALS: The best countertop convection oven for a faster cooking time as compared to conventional ovens Lab-tested to ensure accuracy and speed Saves you time in the kitchen without sacrificing taste.

    EFFECTIVE & EVEN COOKING: High temperatures & built-in fan circulates air for moist & savory meals Cooks thoroughly & retains distinct ingredient flavor Up to an hour’s worth of cooking time Perfect for meats, steak, pork, chicken, vegetables & more.

    HASSLE FREE & CONVENIENT: Attractive glass makes for convenient cleanup Easy-to-use rotary controls, 2 wire cooking racks, and plate tongs make prep & plating food a breeze.

    ◎ Patented transparent thermal protection screen that complies with the GS A-13safety standard.

    ◎ Patented stirring system that fries 1kg low fat French fries

    ◎ Long lasting laser printed control panel.

    ◎ Easy to use mechanical timer and temperature setting dials.

    ◎ A complete all-in-one, versatile cooking unit to roast, grill, bake, barbeque, steam, broil, dehydrate, defrost, and air-fry.

    ◎ Transparent tempered glass lid and heat resistant glass bowl for food safety.

    ◎ Cooking temperature ranges from 65ºC to 250ºC (149ºF – 482ºF).

    ◎ Increase capacity by adding extender ring (optional).

    ◎ Turns off automatically once lid is lifted.

    ◎ Container loading:

    1×20ft Container: 388 pcs

    1×40ft Container: 780 pcs

    1×40HQ Container: 910 pcs

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