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  • 2021 Shaohong Spring Canton Fair Online Exhibition Ended Successfully

    At the end of 2020, when people were preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival, the new coronavirus came quietly, and the rapid spread of the virus caused panic across the country. Under such severe circumstances, the country quickly made countermeasures, and various localities responded to a battle against the epidemic to be started.

    Under the strong leadership of the Chinese People’s Government and the concerted efforts of the people from all walks of life to help each other, the epidemic has been well controlled, and the country and the government have minimized the harm caused by the epidemic to the people.

    On the contrary, the epidemic situation in foreign countries was much more serious than in China. The Chinese government has sent medical and health experts to foreign countries to discuss the epidemic situation, and also organized many online exchanges and consultations.

    To be honest, the impact of the epidemic on Dongguan Shaohong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is quite large, because Shaohong is a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in foreign trade and export. The epidemic situation abroad is severe, customer orders have dropped sharply, or foreign customers’ own businesses have been severely affected, causing the company to close down, indirectly causing Shaohong to lose some of these customers.

    When the external environment cannot be changed, Shaohong strives to develop the domestic market, hoping to use more domestic market orders and customers to make up for the lack of orders for export, and to ensure the normal operation and expenditure of the factory.

    At the beginning of 2021, Shaohong’s export sales gradually stabilized, and foreign customers who previously placed orders still placed orders. At the same time, the domestic epidemic has also been better controlled. At the same time, we also actively contacted the organizer of the Canton Fair, and Shaohong also actively participated in the two-year Canton Fair. It is confirmed that due to the epidemic, all foreign customers cannot come to China this year. The Canton Fair will organize an online exhibition (4/16-4/25). Through live broadcast, the products and company of each exhibitor are introduced, so that customers across the ocean have a good understanding of their products and companies through the Internet.

    Under the guidance of the company’s leaders, Shaohong’s foreign trade team successfully completed the 10-day live broadcast of the Canton Fair online exhibition based on the experience of the company’s domestic live broadcast colleagues. During the live broadcast of the exhibition, we received business cards sent by customers. We screened the business cards left by customers one by one to find out the real potential customers, and spent time and energy to follow up on them.

    Finally, I hope that the global epidemic will end soon, and I hope that Shaohong will become better and stronger with the joint efforts of Shaohong colleagues!

    Post time: Apr-30-2021