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  • Air Fryer can make whatever you like

    It seems it is not an easy thing to roaste corn, but there is a secret to roasting well. Today Shaohong people will teach you that you can easily roast delicious corn at home. The taste is as good as you bought from outside. Now let’s take a look at how to use an air fryer. Make tempting sweet corn.



    Material: sweet corn

    Seasoning: cumin powder or chili powder

    Practice steps:

    1. Wash the corn and keep the surface moist.

    2. Brush the corn surface with a layer of oil, which can fully lock the moisture. If you can eat chili, you can sprinkle some chili powder or cumin powder.

    3. Place the corn on the grill and put it in the air fryer to bake on the low rack.

    4. Time 15 minutes, 220 degrees.



    Our air fryer is easy to use and cooking various kinds of delicious foods, if you don’t know how to make, don’t worry about it.  We had printed the manual book and recipe book for all our models of air fryer. When you open the carton box, you can find them. 

    That means you can just copy and follow the step from the recipe book, and make whatever you like by our air fryer.





    Air fryer will make the cooking more easily and fashionable.

    Post time: Aug-13-2021