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  • Air fryer, enjoy healthy food life



    Enjoying food is a great joy in life. For many gourmets, fried food is definitely the favorite, but with the fragrant and crispy taste, tender and juicy experience, fried food is also the main culprit affecting health. Eating foods with high fat content is a heavy burden on the body. So, are there any cooking tools on the market that can retain the taste and texture of fried foods while reducing fat intake?

    SHAO HONG air fryer is such an artifact that allows both health and food. It has the characteristics of oil-free cooking, healthy and low fat, and automatic cleaning. With this air fryer, you can instantly become a gourmet expert. This product is made of food-grade safe materials as a whole. The unique 360-degree non-dead-angle circulation hot cyclone design can achieve uniform heating of the food without turning it. At the same time, the three-speed adjustable wind speed design can select the appropriate wind speed according to different food materials. Greatly shorten the cooking time. In addition, the SHAO HONG air fryer can always keep food in a low-fat and low-oil state, locking in nutrition from the inside out, and bringing double health to diners.

    SHAO HONG air fryer has made many thoughtful designs. By adding stainless steel heightening ring, the capacity of the air fryer can be increased from 12L to 17L, which greatly increases the cooking space; the transparent glass body can clearly see the cooking process. Everything is under control; with the addition of a storage bag, dust-proof storage is more convenient; at the same time, this product is also equipped with a high-temperature automatic cleaning function, which can quickly peel off grease and completely free your hands.

    Based on healthy cooking concepts and thoughtful product design, SHAO HONG air fryer has always been favored by users, and has also received good market response, achieving the goal of making cooking healthier and life easier. Looking to the future, SHAO HONG will adhere to the concept of healthy eating without oil and less oil, and provide users with a better gourmet cooking experience with more prominent product advantages, more intimate product design, and richer cooking modes, and also allow users to enjoy more High-quality healthy life.


    Post time: Mar-08-2021