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  • Enjoy your baking with Convection Oven

    The conevetion oven adopts the Frecnch glass bowl, which directly import from Frech, 360-degree panoramic view of cooking food, enjoy the fun of baking!


    You are always so busy that you have no time cooking. Do you want to enjoy the fun of cooking at home by yourself? Haha, it always ends with every failure. Let’s take a look at the multifunctional air fryer of Life Home. Unlike the traditional baking oven, it uses French technology glass pot with no coating inside.The whole process of baking is even more visible in 360 degrees. During the baking process of food, there is no need to open the lid all the way to check, making baking easier!


    Let’s take a look at this different multi-functional convection oven.The glass pot liner is specially made of French technology glass pot. The most important thing is that compared with the previous coating pot, this glass pot is uncoated. , Not only can 360 panoramic view when baking food, that is, you don’t need to open the lid many times to view the food. This lighter and simple baking mode is simply the favorite of office workers now, allowing you to cook delicious food. It’s easier to get started when it’s time to master the fun of baking as a chef.


    Post time: Aug-06-2021