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  • How to choose a good water dispenser, shaohong water dispenser is good choice for you!

    1、 How does the water dispenser enter every household?

    Water dispenser is a household product to solve the problem of drinking water. Because of improving people’s drinking water quality and quality of life, it is loved by Chinese people. The appearance of water dispenser makes our drinking water more convenient, and also makes us pay attention to drinking water sanitation.

    Water dispenser rose in the 1990s, and its popularity in the field of small household appliances is rising year by year with the improvement of the quality of people’s living standards. The original drinking fountains are household products for people to drink bottled water, which are divided into vertical and desktop types. In order to meet the drinking habits of Chinese people, the function of water dispenser has realized the effect of heating and cooling. At this time, barreled purified water plays a key role in the birth and development of water dispenser.

    2、 Customers:

    During the online shopping period, I checked many communities and found that there are mainly four kinds of people who want to change the water dispenser:

    1. The beauty party, the pursuit of appearance, want to save space.

    2. Pursue convenience, don’t want to change water frequently, don’t want to wait for hot water.

    3. There are various water demands, such as different temperatures.

    4. Pay more attention to the quality of drinking water, have high requirements for water quality, and pursue healthy drinking water.

    3、 Shopping tips:


    1. Choose by type


    1)    Free standing water dispenser

    Shaohong freestanding water dispenser can have 2 different designs for your choice. One is the bottle is on the top, we just putting the water bottle on, then switch the faucet, the water will come out. Another one is putting the water bottle in the water cabinet, and then switch the faucet, the water will come out.

     gallon water dispenser (1)



    how water dispenser-04



    2)    Desktop water dispenser

    Compared with the bottled water dispenser, Small size, can be placed on the desktop. The Shaohong desktop water dispenser is not only providing the cold water but also hot water. The advantages are simple appearance, more flexible, can basically meet the needs of hot water, and water faster.

    water dispenser


    2. Purchase by function


    1) It has a temperature regulating function?

    I usually prefer scented tea and health tea, many of which can’t be made directly with boiling water! With the function of adjusting temperature, you can make coffee, flower tea, milk powder and even raw tea. Shaohong water dispenser can provide the hot water in 95℃ within 10 minutes, and we have the Energy Star certificate. It has a small energy consumption.

    2) Direct or storage?

    This function is also very important.

    Shaohong water dispenser can provide different capacity for your choice. Hot tank 1.5L, 1.8L, 2.0L; Cold tank3.5L, 4.0L.

    Or we can accept any customized capacity as customer requirements.


    The water dispenser can’t meet the demand of drinking water now. We all need more healthy and convenient equipment to replace the water dispenser. This time, we list the purchase suggestions according to the types, functions and usage scenarios:

    1) Under kitchen water purifier: can only be used in kitchen, can filter water, but can’t heat. It is suitable for families without hot water demand.

    2) Water dispenser on stage: small space, easy to use. But it needs to change the water frequently, clean the sink, and the filtration system is not powerful or powerful enough. It is suitable for families with limited budget, limited space and small number of people.

    3) Vertical water purifier: the filtration system can meet the needs of daily drinking water, but it occupies a large space, and the water pipe and power supply will be messy. Also clean the sink regularly. It is suitable for families or companies with large space and a little more people.

    3)    Embedded drink purifier: it can be embedded with other electrical appliances to save space and clean. It has the function of adjusting temperature, the direct drinking water outlet is fast and sanitary, and the filtration system is also reassuring. But we need to reserve the position and water pipe in advance. It is suitable for families or companies with reserved space and high requirements for drinking water.

    Shaohong are always trying our best to provide the good quantity and good service to all our customers. 

    Post time: Apr-20-2021