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  • New Product-Soda Water Machine Launched

    The New Product—Soda Water Dispenser Launched

    As we all know, for a country, science and  technology are the primary productive forces, and science and technology rejuvenate the country; and for a factory, the strength of R&D and design capabilities is closely related to the speed and quality of the factory’s development, because customers always like the latest products. On the market, products that best meet market demand and development trends can always be found. Such products will always sell well for a period of time, or even last for a long time.

    Our R&D team at Shaohong Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and design of water dispensers, baking stoves, thermos bottles, multi-function rice cookers and other products for many years.With their meticulous research and unremitting efforts, we have successfully developed a sparkling water machine (WT-18CS) in early 2021. This product has been successfully mass-produced and has been exported to foreign countries.

    This bubble water machine (WT-18CS) is a pretty good product, both in terms of appearance and operation, and in terms of customer feedback and internal use feedback.

    POU version design, dual use of ice water and bubble water, ice water will bring you a hint of refreshing in the hot summer, and bubble water will bring some fun to your drinking water. This machine adopts stainless steel shell and matte anti-fingerprint panel, and the whole machine adopts touch screen operation, which is tall and tall. In addition, it is equipped with 2 filter elements to meet your needs for high-quality water.



    Hope you can like this new soda water dispenser. 

    Post time: Jun-25-2021