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  • Steam Oven with French Glass Bowl “Si se xing ye” (It’s nature to love good things, maybe food), the love of food is the unending pursuit of mankind from the beginning.

    Steam Oven with French Glass Bowl “Si se xing ye” (It’s nature to love good things, maybe food), the love of food is the unending pursuit of mankind from the beginning. Today, when life is becoming more abundant, people’s food, clothing, and diet have greatly changed. The types of food are constantly enriched. Various cooking techniques have been added to the ranks of gourmet cooking, bringing more novel experiences to people’s taste buds.
    However, modern people blindly in pursuit of deliciousness, too many seasonings are added in the food cooking process. According to statistics, the Chinese consume an average of 42.1g of oil a day, nearly double the health standard.

    How harmful are high-fat foods?

    Excessive cholesterol and fat will accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, causing arteriosclerosis, affecting the functioning of the brain, increasing the incidence of heart disease, coronary heart disease and other diseases, and what is more, greatly increasing the chance of body cancer. Food and health cannot be disappointed. In order to solve this problem, SHAO HONG has launched a series of intelligent light wave ovens. The series of ovens integrate baking, baking, baking, heating, thawing, cleaning and other functions to basically meet the daily needs of the kitchen.

    The basic accessory of the baking oven, the low grill is suitable for grilling chicken wings, chicken legs, lamb chops, fish and other meats. The infrared light wave 360 ​​high-speed, whirlwind roast meat food, forcing excess fat, the meat is crispy, delicious and not greasy. Baked pizza, egg tarts, French fries, sweet potatoes and other popular snacks, low shelf is also a necessity. The high grill is matched with a “height ring” to bake some larger foods, such as roasted whole chicken.

    Fast operation, high quality, fast cooking speed.

    It only takes 40 minutes to cook the chicken in the SHAO HONG oven, and the taste is not compromised. Using infrared light wave 360-degree high-speed whirlwind to bake food, fast, efficient, and can force out meat food grease, it is really a must-have kitchen appliance for every family.

    SHAO HONG baking oven, also known as “air fryer”, some air fryer on the market use coated metal pan, it is easy to precipitate toxic substances at high temperature, causing damage to the body. The SHAO HONG oven uses a fully transparent tempered glass top cover. The baking pan used in the high-end series is a glass pan imported from France, and it has the exclusive global sales right; the baking pan of the mid-end series is also made of domestic A-grade materials.

    The operation mode of SHAO HONG oven is also diversified. The mechanical operation panel is suitable for the elderly, and the one-key smart type is suitable for lazy people or cooking novices. There is also a series, which is to set the “time, temperature, wind speed” according to the food conditions. This one is suitable for people who like to cook and are skilled in cooking. However, SHAO HONG has recipes to provide, just choose according to personal habits. No matter which style is worry-free after sale!

    It is often said that the aesthetic food in the world cannot be disappointed. While modern humans are unremittingly pursuing delicious dishes, they also pay more attention to health preservation. The SHAO HONG scientific research team adheres to the concept of “providing a high-quality and healthy life” and continues to develop on the road of product innovation. Use your leisure time to enjoy a new life experience brought by healthy quality food.

    Post time: Mar-08-2021