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  • There is a big difference between boilers

    Water boilers can also be called water dispensers. Generally speaking, water boilers can be divided into household and commercial ones. Commercial ones have a wide range of use occasions, such as milk tea shops, restaurant chains, coffee shops, hospitals, schools, corporate units, factories.. …. they all belong to the range of commercial water boilers.

    Household water boilers and commercial water boilers also have something in common: energy saving and electricity saving, household appliances generally pursue economical benefits, and they need energy saving. If they have a filter function, then the wastewater discharge rate is also low. The requirements for commercial water heaters are the same. In order to save costs, enterprises will also prefer to have the characteristics of energy saving and low waste water discharge.

    The difference between a domestic water boiler and a commercial water boiler:

    1. Water bladder capacity

    Family drinking water generally does not exceed ten people, and the water tank capacity of the machine is small. Commercial water boilers need to be able to supply at least ten people, 100 to 200 people, or even more people can drink water, so the water container has a large capacity.

    2. Heating speed

    The family life is rich and relatively relaxed and happy, so the heating time requirements for the water boiler are not very strict. However, for commercial use, the faster the better, to avoid the impatience of customers, so the heating degree and heating time of commercial water heaters are also required to be as short as possible.

    3. Function

    Unexpectedly, household water boilers have more functions than commercial water boilers, and commercial water boilers tend to be more practical and maintained by professional personnel. Home water boilers will have more functions, because people at home are lazy now, and home water boilers have added many lazy functions, such as: remote control function, filter element warning replacement function, voice broadcast function, etc.

    4. Price

    On the one hand, due to the particularity of the functions, some machines need to be specially customized or added with original parts. The price of commercial water boilers is relatively expensive, while the price of household water boilers is relatively cheap.

    Post time: Jul-20-2022